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Dr. Andrew Brenner's
"interview from Feb. 27, 2011 on Brain Tumor Myths and Fact"

Dr. Kevin Hall's
interview from April 10, 2011 on his lecture topic "Cancer Prevention in Women Over 40"

Dr. Sandra Osswald's
interview on "Skin Cancer: What does it look like and what should I do?"

Dr. Amelie Ramirez
Interview on "What Every Latino Man and Woman Should Know About Cancer"

Dr. Ian Thompson, CTRC Director and pancreatic cancer survivor Larry Baker
discuss "Strength of Spirit In Overcoming Cancer".

Dr. Peter Ravdin
"on Reducing Breast Cancer Risk"

Dr. Ian Thompson
"on Having a Personal Cancer Prevention Plan"

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How Can I Avoid Getting Breast Cancer?

Jan 13, 2011

There are ways that many women can more than halve their risk of getting breast cancer," said Dr. Ravdin, a nationally recognized oncologist who contributed to recent important findings on combined hormone replacement therapy in the Women's Health Initiative study. "Combinations of diet and exercise, and also taking some medications (and avoiding some others) can have major protective effects. In addition, screening mammography can help by making sure that breast cancer is discovered when it is most treatable, and when the treatments can be the simplest but still very effective.

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